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Tue, 12 Feb 2013 23:03:00 GMT | By Lee, KyungNam

SNSD's Seohyun Says Yoo Jae Suk is Her Ideal Type

Seohyun chooses Yoo Jae Suk as her ideal type.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) member Seohyun finally opened up and chose Yoo Jae Suk as her ideal type.

The singer appeared on the February 11 broadcast of Mnet's The Beatles Code 2 with a handful of her fellow SNSD members.

SNSD's Seohyun Says Yoo Jae Suk is Her Ideal Type

In the 'Music 101' section, in which stars talk about songs related to their first loves, Seohyun opened up on the man who first made her heart go aflutter.

After choosing Britney Spears' Sometimes as her song, she added, "It's a song related to my memories of feeling fluttery for the first time, though it may not exactly be first love."

Super Junior's Shindong, MC of the show, asked, "Didn't you say you don't know what first love feels like? I thought you said you love Keroro," and Seohyun added, "That was six years ago. I didn't live without feeling any feelings [of love] at all. I have felt excited before."

Seohyun is known for rarely showing interest in men, saying such things as "I like yams more then men" or "My ideal type is Ban Ki Moon."

SNSD's Seohyun Says Yoo Jae Suk is Her Ideal Type

The MCs showed interest at this show of love from her, and continued to ask what her ideal type is.

Seohyun answered, "[My ideal type is] Yoo Jae Suk. I like every part of him in general."

She commented that she thinks the eyes are the most important part of the face, and said, "I like eyes that are bright."

SNSD will launch its arena tour in Japan after wrapping up promotions for I Got a Boy in Korea.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Hea Jung Min, Mnet


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